Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Alias: The Index

As popfantastic pointed out, this episode had plenty of stupid. As much as I liked Dixon having a slice of arc for the first time this season, it was for the most part painful to watch it all play out. Maybe it's a meta thing that just didn't translate for me; like, Dixon would want to believe Sloane was a traitor, while as a viewer, I'm thinking: no way would they wildcard him this early in the season. It was obvious that Sloane's "betrayal" was just machinations without disclosure to subordinates, and it ended up making trouble. Big, stupid trouble. It's hard to believe there was no serious fall-out from such a grand foul-up, but then the sign of a show going off its game is an increasing lack of repercussions for what should be major events.

Of course, Alias has always played it fast and loose, but for the first few seasons, this was supported by the fact that they were working at SD-6. It made *sense* for authority to be maverick, and process to be slipshod.

I could enumerate all the things that annoyed me about this ep, but there are too many. A few, though. One: Sloane not seriously getting in Syd's face about her *transparent* disc substitution, especially when it could have cost Jack his life. I mean, come on: he *knows* her and her maneuvers by now. Two: The mission to catch Sloane. Four people. A perimeter "secured" by a single agent in a car. Not to mention that no one missed Jack in all this. Jack's absence (2) + Sloane's absence (2) = 4. Three: Syd's whole covert op in Sloane's home office. JESUS GOD. WTF? Painful.

Lack of Sark is always bad.

The good stuff: Jack trying to make conversation at the dinner table--I cracked up. Weiss being his sweetheart self. Nadia getting in digs at Syd in the guise of making an affirming toast. Nadia and Syd sitting in the car--a brief camera shot that for once made them look like sisters. Not a whole lot. I'm teetering on the verge of giving up on this season, but I'm not really watching much else, so I'm hanging on to this single show by my fingernails.

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