Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

so, in other news...

In a weird postscript to my recent post on country music, here's a neat thing--at that same free book table I stopped at today, I picked up a few CDs with no great optimism. Because: portable. Free. Anyway, one was by some guy named Delbert McClinton (Room to Breathe), and I decided to listen as I wound down and prepared to leave work. And man. It's frickin' awesome. Bluesy and cool and groovy. I mean, even if I'd paid for it new, I'd be dancing and clam-happy. It's not precisely the flavor of shit-kicker country I was looking for, but it's still some kind of wonderful. And did I mention, free?

And then someone I work with sent me a Share the Love discount for the S4 Buffy DVD collection being released in June. And for whatever reason that was the final straw I needed to finally go DVD. Yes, today I ordered all four seasons of Buffy and now I have until June to actually get a DVD player. Ahem.

Among the many cool and hilarious things I've read today are the following: thing one, the close-captioning of "terrorist" government signs, and thing two, the story of a blimp. I laughed myself sick over both of them.

Also, ros_fod posted a self-introduction which makes a fun meme, and she said nice things about me that made me shygirly and blushy, and funny things in general that made me grin.

Somehow I have collected on my work desk a pink plastic slinky, a clothespin-mouthed paper holder in the form of an Egyptian pharaoh, and a vacant-eyed visa photo of my ex co-worker Z. What's the opposite of attrition? The slow encroachment, the creep of minutiae....


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