Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

click click click

It's one of those days when I'm restlessly refreshing my friends list and my online e-mail client. I'm also working steadily, but I keep jumping browser windows to click and click and click before jumping back into work. POST, drat you people! Post more, post often, post witteringly, post frivolously, post pornily!

From "Just Rewards" (AtS):
LORNE: Yeah, the vampire slayer both men loved, both men lost. Oh, I could sell that to any studio in a heartbeat. I see Depp and Bloom. But then I see them a lot. Sorry. Hazard of running the entertainment division. Gotta get out more.
That has nothing to do with running Entertainment, Lorne. A *lot* of people see Depp and Bloom in their heads. Together. Naked and oiled. Not *me* (::cough::jackdavenport::cough::), but a lot of other people.

I wish I had naked, oiled men to give you guys. I do have some snarky S/X, but it's a donation story, still in progress, and I shouldn't excerpt it. Sigh.

I really wish there was a snowstorm here. Or maybe a carnival.
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