Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Secret Fannish Shame

kita0610's meme was too good to resist. Plus it takes at least fifteen minutes from my brain to recover from lunch, so I should do something productive with that downtime. But as ladycat777 notes in her own post, I don't really have shame about most of these things. I am pretty shameless. Most of these aren't so secret either. *g*

1. I was converted to Sentinel fandom by a songvid set to Celine Dion's "Seduces Me." I found it breathtaking--I didn't even know who the characters *were* at that point, but it had a big guy and a little guy and I was like OMG!Squee!

2. I've enjoyed stories where: a character turns out to secretly be an elf; a male character is impregnated by aliens and yes, does give anal birth; a story where one guy turns into a giant panther and he and his partner have sex. Come to think of it, these were all Sentinel stories. I love that fandom!

3. Possibly my first BtVS "crackfic" addiction was Repossession. I think it badly needs an editor--I apologize in advance for this unsolicited critique if the author is reading this--and is just too, too long and repetitive, but the early bits in particular hit lots of my kinks.

4. With only one or two exceptions, I've never been the slightest bit into f/f slash. It does nothing for me. Until B/S I pretty much felt the same about het.

5. Even after seven-ish years of online fandom-hopping, I still find most (not all) gen fiction redundant to canon and personally uncompelling, no matter how well-written.

6. Spike/Lorne!

7. So so much of my early X-Files fan-fiction.

8. I've harbored so many elaborate and graphically bizarre fantasies in my head, it's not even funny. Mostly about Spike. Stories where: Spike is raped and tortured and then gets lots of healing comfort sex; Spike becomes a slayer; Spike is turned into a woman and Xander and Riley fall in love with him and they all live happily ever after; Xander and Spike buy a suburban home and adopt a cat and live happily ever after; Spike is ignored by all the BtVS and AI gang and becomes emotionally scarred and suicidal and is taken in by Lorne and is romantically healed into a state of pure happiness; Jack Davenport plays a watcher in the Jossverse and falls madly for Spike and vice versa, and Spike loses his soul and dons a slave collar to restrain his temptations, and then Jack's character turns out to be an angel; Spike suffers a vengeance curse that forces all the BtVS/AI males to have sex with him, because if they don't they'll DIE!

ETA: Oh god, I forgot about the one where Spike and a bunch of the guys are prisoners in what's essentially a Nazi camp and Spike becomes a general's bitch and has to wear make-up and femmey clothes and barter his ass to get the guys special treatment; and the one where he's blind and extremely rich and running Angel Investigations and has his own helicopter. Hee.

My head amuses me.

9. I'm often deeply out of synch with my flist--I'm not into daddy!kink, RPGs, tag-writing, most RPS, Remus/Sirius, not to mention the shows people watch (House, Veronica Mars, Lost, etc). Sometimes it makes me quite sad.

10. It's not fannish, but I cried at both Elf and Bad Santa. *g*
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