Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

hi ho, copper, away.

Most nonsensical subject line ever. Thank you folks, thank you. ::takes a bow::

bettyp has a great post up about BtVS--general stuff, no spoilers, very cool musings riffing off a post of silviakundera's. (Riffing, not ripping. Glassy-eyed, not glass-eyed.) I love me some Betty.

I just went over to one of our neighboring buildings, where our editorial offices are. I've been there maybe a dozen times in all, and every time I'm there I stop by the free book table, where all kinds of not-yet-published review and proof copies sit in messy stacks for the taking. The pickings are usually slim--thin, obscure children's books; earnest religious novels; self-published analyses of mung-bean crop production, et cetera. I've taken away no more than 1 or 2 books at most, and even those were just things where I thought, eh, it's free, rather than, oh cool! Today, however, in the midst of absently picking stuff up and reading back jackets, I advance reader's copy of the new Minette Walters' novel Fox Evil, due out in May, which I hadn't even known about until that moment. My eyes glazed over, my hands trembled, I was utterly frozen--and then I screamed and threw my body across the table, slithering wildly over a raft of books that fell to all sides, the way beers topple from a bar when you toss a cowboy.

Okay. I may be exaggerating. But oh my god. SCORE!

In other news, I wanted to mention that I added another longish comment to my post on writing in case anyone missed that--I'm just tossing that out for you. Candy from a clown car. Also, please note my follow-ups to last night's post, where I blither: "Also wanted to say that, eep, I kinda feel like a failure as a communicator if I didn't get across how very much about "me" my tiredness was, just a wrangle with my own head and with a very imaginary composite audience. Really, I wasn't especially stressed--it's not like I was cracking nuts with my sphincter or anything, if you'll picture that, and why I'd even try to make you, I'll never know, so we'll just leave this tangent now--I was just trying to dig my way out past my own self-imposed barriers and the false spectres of fears."

Clearly, I need to ensure that everyone sees me use the word "sphincter.", please note that my Diet Coke is caffeinated today! Be scared!

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