Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

blip. ping. hello.

I'm not really a person who needs to post on LJ every day, but sometimes I realize it's been days and go "Eep! Must talk to world!"

Touching base with people who made donation story requests: I have not forsaken forgotten you! I have a handful left to do, but for some reason I did nothing but work and sleep this past week. And sleep and sleep.... I was very...hibernal. This weekend I lazed around, did laundry, read three Lee Child books, and got halfway through watching "Conviction" before stalling.

This morning as I walked toward crumpets, I thought: "Those people who acid-etch shop windows must die," and "Maybe pigeons really *are* aliens among us," and then wondered, what if the government had a random telepathic sanity-checker. Would I pass checksum? Not likely. Half the time I'm thinking about men having sex--the breathy porn soundtrack of my head--and the other half I'm filled with neurotic, paranoid, depressive radio chatter. Someday soon a black SUV with government plates is going to pull up screechingly to the curb and I'll be hustled off to a holding cell. I'll miss some of you guys. The rest of you will be in the adjoining cells.

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