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recs, the weekend, stuff.

I watched Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid last night. It was great. Of course, I'm also one of just three people in the world who really liked Timeline, so you can take that rec as you like. But seriously: I liked all the actors, it was fun, and The Pretty factor was through the roof. (I think I'm supposed to say "teh pretty" but I'd just feel self-conscious, like Fred trying to pull off "dawg." Hey, dawgs, have I got a rec for you...)

ETA: I forgot to mention, one of the Anacondas stars is the guy who played Robin Wood on BtVS. -- Oops. Was wrong about that. But the resemblance is kind of uncanny.

For a fan-fiction fix, I read Like Describing the Alphabet, which several people have recced. Firefly, Mal/Jayne, with a side of Inara/Kaylee. M/J isn't my pairing, but I like manly men, and the story is all about that. It's long and interesting and has many sweet little smacks of writing, like someone tapping you gently on the shoulder and then slapping you. Insightful lines that you have to pay attention to, is what I'm trying to say. It's strange--it's not really a caveat to my rec, but I have to say, the story isn't really on my emotional wavelength. And yet I think it's very good. Very very good. My enjoyment was pretty cerebral, of a story as a well-done story, but that doesn't mean other people's will be.

Earlier I was thinking of how people make to-do lists in their LJs, for what they want to accomplish. And I thought: I'm going to make a list of all the things I'm not going to today. I'm not going to take my car in for an oil change. Not going to go shopping for bras. Not going to work out. It could be a pretty long list. But now I'm doing laundry and I've taken out the garbage, so maybe I shouldn't rule things out. I'll just see what happens. Next, I may buy lightbulbs.

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