Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

bad film therapy

I rented Stephen King's Dreamcatcher and have been watching it in snatches over the last few days. I rented it once before, mainly because it had Jason Lee, and it's such a hilariously bad movie that I had to see it again. The ridiculous boyhood in-jokes and patter, the toothy eels, the anal births, the telepathy, the sudden schizoid British alien, Beaver fishing for his goddamn toothpicks despite the freaking toilet monster mere inches under his ass! (oh god I wanted to bitch-slap him so bad), not to mention Morgan Freeman (!) as a psychotic Army officer, and all of it climaxing in the revelation that the gang's mentally deficient boyhood friend is actually another species of alien sent to Earth to battle the Greys--it's a classic. I should probably buy myself a copy.

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