Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

and here we are...

I started my new job yesterday, and today they moved my desk. I came back from lunch and here I am! On the other side of the building! Facing a different direction! Annnnnnnd...

Away from the insufferable Laughing Boy!

*gets down on knees, clasps hands together, thanks god fervently, weeping pious tears*

Basically, I'm no longer adjacent to the programmers, who--though I'm sure they're lovely people, when seen from a great distance--often circled my brain like a pack of hyenas and drove me bugfuck. At the moment, there don't seem to be many inhabitants at surrounding desks. I should probably not nurse a deep gratitude until I get a better feel for the average noise level and unique pecularities of this new area.

I'm facing north now, btw, instead of south. I'm facing, in fact, Canada. O Canada! I may quite possibly think of Fraser and Dief every time I come in and sit down. That'd be cool.

ETA: In my new cubicle cabinet is an article of leather straps that appears to be a bondage gag. Hmm. That will stay....
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