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black dog.

So, I ran out of money. Middle of the month, and I should have a few hundred dollars in my bank account, but instead I have a negative balance. I haven't figured out what happened yet. It's kind of irrelevant, given the fact that I have no money.

So I tried to get a small advance on my paycheck and was told that they couldn't "accomodate" that--after they'd made me list all the personal reasons for why I wanted the advance, i.e., no money for food or anything else, three prescription medications coming up for renewal in a few days, etc. Anna to HR: "Thanks for looking into this. Not to sound bitter, but it'll be a great comfort to think of the funds waiting for me at the month's end for work I've already done when my blood pressure medication runs out in a few days. It's good to know now that the company is unwilling to accomodate an emergency request for an employee of six years."


I've exercised some stock options, and thank god I can do that, but I won't have any money in hand earlier than next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I feel sick to my stomach and angry and depressed. If this post sounds like a whine for sympathy, that's because it totally and completely is. I need comfort.
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