Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

crackfic and Mirror M*A*S*H

I just tracked down and read janecarnall's fascinating Mirror M*A*S*H story, which I'd seen mentioned in ellen_fremedon's post, Slash shock, shamelessness, and a rec, which coined the term "Id Vortex", and also spawned a thread over on Making Light (Dec 5).

As ellen_fremedon said of Mirror M*A*S*H, "And it's THE MOST CRACKTASTIC THING EVAR, but... it works, in this supremely creepy sick-and-wrong immensely compelling way."

Heh. I liked it. I dance on the edge of the Id Vortex all the time. Last night I was trying to write up one my current fantasies (aka, the stories I tell only myself, my headcase la-la-la AUs, my private crackfic, my Dance of Dork), and I was like, "FACEPALM! How can I even think of posting this?" It was also hard to capture, nuance-wise, even in a bare-bones outline, but I may still try to finish and post it. Not sure yet.

This is one of those days that fandom makes me happy.

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