Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

little wingéd potatoes

- "Ape Snarl" should be the name of a band.
- Bus drivers who see you rushing and waving and drive off anyway suck.
- Miniature doughnuts are like little pillows that you can eat.
- One day a front tooth might crack in two along one of those little striations and then what?
- Seagulls remind me of Prince Charles.

I have pointless thoughts like this throughout the day. Someday maybe I will try to record a day's worth for posterity.

I got my third-season dueSouth DVDs today! I do the Dief Doughnut Dance. (I'm sure he has one.)

Meanwhile, sherroldish has lent me several Stargate DVD sets so that I can refresh my memory on the show enough to write another of my belated donation stories. Yay!

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