Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I want a little blue pill that will give me an attention span greater than a gnat's. I have two projects launching in the next 48 hours and my brain is all, "La la la, look, there's some weather outside the window--look, there's a shiny thing--look, there's some chewing gum." This is not *helpful*, brain!

My manager brought in miniature cupcakes today, from a cupcake shop. I could cry from the happy of mini cupcakes.

La la la cupcakes.

In closing, here's my umbrella anecdote: I went to buy an umbrella last night, so that I'd have one for work and one for home. I bought my umbrella, and then *lost* the old one I'd been carrying with me--like, immediately lost it, within ten minutes of making the purchase. I retraced my steps, checked everywhere. Zip. So I got home, and opened the new umbrella--and it sucks. It's all wrinkly and deformed and I'm going to bring it back. The universe is playing games. I tried to decode its cryptic messages, something about how for everything you get you must also give something up, and maybe it all balances out, unless you're stuck with a crappier umbrella, so maybe you shouldn't give up what you have. Or maybe you should hold onto *all* your umbrellas, or should unfurl and inspect them carefully before you buy them.


La la la cupcakes.

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