Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

happy girl...

Well, the Escapade con reports have begun, and I'm rubbing my hands together at the prospect of vicarious thrills.

By the way, it was liviapenn who made this lovely CKR icon of mine. And I smooch her with my smore-sticky lips.

And in other news, julad and ukcalico have a groovy new HP story up, Lustre, which smutted up my night nicely. I just used "smutted" as a verb for the first time, but really, it wasn't smut per se. It was in fact a scroll of rich, lucid, yet snaky language that wowed me.

And, uh...I was going to post about something else. Oh. I was whirring on list about vids and accidentally googled my own blog from way back when. It was like a book suddenly tumbling from the shelf, and landing spine down in a ruffle of words--oh, look at these old thoughts of mine. It makes me want to finish archiving my old posts and link to them so that people can meander through if they're ever minded to. It makes me want to do that, yeah. Not quite enough to actually do it. But the want is there.


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