Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


So I was channel surfing and paused when I saw The Hustler, and I thought, "Hey, they filmed my old Mulder/Skinner story!" which is, perhaps, one of the classic signs that you should step away from the mouse and take a break from the fan-fiction.

Further up on the cable scale I came across There Must Be a Pony. By the same association of thoughts, I'm thinking that somewhere out there is My Little Pony porn waiting to be discovered. No, no--thank you, no links are necessary.

The comments on Luna's post made me remember that I've wondered for a quite a while about tentacle porn. For those of you nervously edging your chairs away from the computer, I'll cut-tag. Some explicit stuff behind the green door.

So I have a lot of kinks, including some kind of hard core ones, and even ones that I don't have, or that edge into squicky, I usually get. Like, I'm not really into medical kinks, but I pretty much understand what makes catheters interesting. But tentacles I still don't get; I mean, they're just not ringing a bell. I would classify it as bestiality, which I get, except that it's fish, right? I don't get fish. Is it part of that group of kinks which includes mermaid fiction, and overlaps with large slippery smooth things of unnatural size that are forced upon us and make us squee? (I can't really think of a short name for that classification.)

I'm really curious, because I'm wondering what it would take for me to write outside my "kink box." And whether there's even any point--like, if I tried to write a kink that wasn't my own, I'd have to either write my way "into it" so to speak, so that by the end I'd adopted it, or else I'd probably wind up with a story that reads awkwardly to people who honestly hold the kink. I wouldn't want to be a mimic who misses the point. Anyway. If anyone wants to sell the kink, in pimp fashion (why you should watch Invisible Man, why you should accept the OTP of Spike/Angel, why you should embrace the tentacles!), I promise to be anime-eyed with appreciation even if I don't adopt it. *g*

So I'll trade one of my own, which is this whole nape of the neck fetish I have. It's part of this constellation of kinks that are kind of animalistic but more related to ownership, like where the bottom of a pair is taken from behind with both hands pressed against the sheets to hold himself up, and the top doesn't bother to even give him a reach-around, but is probably forcing his head down onto the pillow with one hand against the nape. But then, on a dime, it becomes incredibly shmoopy to me--and I'll have images of two guys, and the more protective one is cupping his partner's neck gently, rubbing it, rubbing his thumb along the side--maybe they're sitting next to each other on a couch, all slouchy and mellow, with other people around, casually socializing, and it's a sign of open affection, but also territorial. And even with the mildest manner in the world, the guy who's doing the handling is saying: oh yeah, he's my bitch, and believe me, he's completely happy about that. And the guy being handled is all heavy-lidded and melty and completely content, and doesn't really care what everyone else knows.

Um, right. Did that skew a little off the point? Moving on now.
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