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I am keeping track of my list of contribution/donation fiction I need to write; at this point I have to admit I could be writing faster. I did very little this weekend, and I apologize to everyone who's waiting. I feel like I've been on hold for the last ten days or so waiting to hear about this new job. I have a lot riding on it. A lot a lot a lot. *breathes* The interviewers are meeting Tuesday for application review; I think it was probably the first time they could coordinate their schedules, but it's longer than I thought I'd have to wait before knowing anything. :>P

No spoilers here, but just to say: Battlestar Galactica is quite good so far; I wonder if Callum Keith Rennie will be back. Gaius still amuses me. I feel like he's an amalgam of a dozen other characters I've known, not all of which I could name. He is always striking these familiar notes, but I've never seen the actor in anything else. Overall I love the tone of the show--its charcoal grey palette and low lights, a shadowy darkness of atmosphere both physical and emotional that I hope will linger.

And, based on the promos they're running, I see that SG-1 is returning next Friday, apparently without Daniel. I can't imagine my observation is a spoiler. Does anyone know what's up? I haven't really been following pre-season news.

It is Sunday night and I am boring.
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