Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

what time is it...

Still in bed. Still writing. Have actually got some done, which amazes me. Have listened to five or six CDs already.

I realized I hadn't been to the Brunching Shuttlecocks site in a while, so I dropped by. This and this, part two amused me. ("Plus it has radial symmetry, which I always appreciate in life-threatening situations.") Oh, and this too. Also, as we just had our corporate All Hands meeting, this feature is oddly timely.

I am feeling very fangirlish today. Am reading loopy little stories and listening to Sarah McLachlan and Oyster Band and writing.

Later, I'm going to make Smores. I've decided. The good kind, with the Golden Graham cereal. Yes, five thousand calories of grahamy-marshmallowy-chocolately goodness in a convenient trough-sized pan.

Am trying to think of what else I can do with my day to render it completely useless and comfortable.

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