Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

in case you were wondering if I'm really a girl.

A partial list of things in my bathroom. What? What?! I'm still over-caffeinated and don't tell me you haven't been aching to hear about all the things in my bathroom, because I know it's been keeping you up nights.
  • cinnamon, almond, peppermint, tangerine, and sage soap bars
  • Aveda botanical kinetics skin toner
  • Aveda rosemary-mint shaving gel
  • a fuzzy pink kitty-ear headband
  • a giant shell filled with many smaller shells
  • 3 types of facial mask
  • 7 lipsticks and one lip-liner pencil, in addition to a full make-up kit
  • 10 types of ingestible over-the-counter drugs
  • Chanel No 5
  • Tom's of Maine orange-mango toothpaste
  • a bowl of bath beads
  • a red satin make-up purse
  • 6 types of nail polish
  • a billion whole lot of earrings
  • a purple hand mirror
  • a pumice foot stone
  • mint foot lotion
  • 2 natural bath sponges
  • 3 shampoos
  • 2 types of bubble bath
I wonder why I'm so poor all the time and carry around maxed-out credit cards. Living above your means is an ongoing effort. Which is why I need more money. Also because I deserve it. I ask the universe to shower me with bubble bath and mint lotions!

*gazes up*
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