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that is so not good...

I couldn't focus on work. So I ordered a Starbucks Chantico with 3 espresso shots. Which is very not like me. Because I am usually decaf. I thought the caffeine would help me focus. Ha ha ha. Now I am over-caffeinated and can't focus. I feel rather unwell actually. And all my thoughts are tiny and disconnected. As this post demonstrates.

World: "Hello, Anna!"
Anna: "*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*jitter*"

I had my final interview this morning. It was with my potential co-editor. It went an hour over schedule because he had a lot he wanted to show me about the systems and a lot to say. This like almost everything else so far is very promising. They just need to give me the job and a lot of money and I won't hurt them.

I need an icon that shows a giant rabid kangaroo. Or a cup of coffee. Or a kangaroo with a cup of coffee, possibly on its head. And it's reading porn. Yeah.

ETA: You ask for a caffeinated kangaroo reading porn, you get a caffeinated kangaroo reading porn. I love LJ. Thank you, ravurian!
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