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08 January 2005 @ 06:46 pm
I'm rereading the last noir story as prep for writing one of the contribution stories and...jeez. With perspective of time, I have to say I don't care how many readers were flummoxed by it. Reading it again, I remember all the fun I had writing it. It still makes me giggle. Of my own stories, it's one of my favorites. All the identity switching--it's the kind of stuff I'd have loved to see in canon, sort of a variation on "Tabula Rasa."
Angel knelt next to Anya. Her face was turned halfway into her pillow, mashed and obscured by curls. Wheezing sighs and mutters filtered out from behind the veil. One arm was thrust under the pillow, hand curled up behind it like a dead spider; the other hand, the one he wanted, rested on the floor. He lifted it and held it with care, then slid the ring off.

"Bees!" she gasped, tearing her hand away and swatting at the hair in her face. "Bees, bees, bees!"

Meanwhile I'm about seventeen minutes in to the third Harry Potter movie (interrupted for this) and marvel again at how beautiful it is. Such a subtle and satisfying use of special effects that often annoy me. They even make the dementors beautiful in their way. Such a fantastic view of the train ride in the sleeting rain as it curls around the mountain. HP is one of those fandoms where I forget a lot of plot until I revisit it, so I look forward to remembering all the backstory of Sirius so that I can bring that to reading more S/R fan-fiction. And The Thewlis, it is true, is to sigh and die for.

ETA: I continue to amuse myself:
"When I was little I thought cat burglars stole cats," Xander said as they climbed into Lady Elked's townhouse through a second-story window. "My Uncle Rory stole cats. I'd hold the bag. He told me the Army needed them to carry canteens of water to the wounded. Later I found out he was studying taxidermy. And that we weren't actually at war."

Anna S.: angeleliade on January 10th, 2005 05:28 am (UTC)
I may have extrapolated from a few comments, worrying about its impact. And though I don't usually pay much attention to feedback volume, I think I got a bit less than usual, when--given my gleeful excitement level when posting it--I guess I'd hoped for more. (Wrong and prideful of me perhaps, but there you go. ;>)