Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

The Spike and Angel Channel

After contemplating dovil's icon story, I've decided that Spike and Angel can fight over anything.

Angel, holding papers, looking around desktop: "I just had a paperclip." Looks up, sees Spike bending a paperclip. "Hey!"

Spike: "What?"
Angel: "That's my paperclip."
Spike: "So what? You've got a dozen boxes in your desk."
Angel, growing the great stone face of simmering rage: "You don't take things off my desk. Got that?"
Spike: "It's a bloody *paperclip*!"

They snarl, fight, dust each other simultaneously.

Angel: "Give me the remote."
Spike: "Sod off."
Angel: "Spike."
Spike: "Angel."
Angel: "Give me the remote and I will not shove this very large whiskey bottle up your--"
Spike: "Oi!"
Angel: "I'm not kidding around here."
Spike: "You know, if you need an auxiliary penis, you might want to try a gun. I hear they're very--"

They snarl, fight, knock over the couch, crash together into the TV rendering the whole argument moot but without noticing, then wind up in a compromising tangle on the rug at which point Buffy walks in and raises her eyebrows.

Angel: "Stop it."
Spike: "You stop it."
::mutual seethe::

Angel: "Eggs aren't round, Spike, they're...ovoid."
Spike: "Same thing."
Angel: "No, it's not."
Spike: "Ovoid. Oval. Round."
Angel, grimly: "Globes are round. Balls are round."
Spike: "Not looked down there in a while, have you?"
Angel: *punch*

Spike: "Hey. This parrot likes me!"
Angel, muttering: "I could have a parrot. If I wanted." ::sulks::

I could do this all day.

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