Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Oh, lord.

Dodgeball: Funniest movie I've seen a loooong time. Either that, or simply just what I needed tonight to turn my brain off. The inane witticisms and ludicrous commentator patter! The absurd homoeroticism! Pizzaphilic masturbation! The earnest lameness! Not to mention the kick-ass character actors and cameos. Alan Tudyk! (And Justin Long! Woobie!)

If I were not so damn lazy, I would offer a dozen quotes of pure joy.

Also, I usually hate those annoying caricatures of Russian steroid-enhanced female athletes, but dude, how cute was Missi Pyle?! (Galaxy Quest's Laliari!) Yay, Missi.

I'm easy.

On the other hand, Ben Stiller's little thing at the end during the credits was just disturbing.

ETA: I love The Usual Suspects. How could you exist and never have seen this movie? It's, like, ten times better than that punk-ass Pulp Fiction, and it had Kevin Spacey before he was *completely* The Kevin Spacey, and took advantage of that, and made Stephen Baldwin an effective presence instead of a yawn. Add Gabriel Byrne and some character actors to die for, and it's so brill. Not to mention a beautiful film to watch--that quick, almost off-hand plane-landing shot always just takes my breath away with its jump-cut perfection, its ability to make a mundane shot arresting and urgent. Oh! My! God! Plane! Landing! Yeah.

ETA2: I am sleepy.
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