Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

morning, kiddies

Am pulling an Anais Nin and writing from bed this morning. Um, why did I think this was a good idea? Okay, originally I thought: mmm, comfy, I could get more writing done this way. Shyeeah, right. Now all I want to do is slide down and go back to sleep.

Stray Fiona thoughts:

1. Listening to Fiona Apple's Tidal, I as always veer between the certainty that she is a terrible, terrible singer, and deep satisfaction with her songs. I suspect that whoever arranged the songs for her was key to making them listenable.

2. "Criminal" used to be my Mulder/Krycek song. I've always thought it a shame that there are those few female references at the beginning. It would have been used for a hundred slash vids by now if they'd been absent. You could make it a nice little S/X redemption song now, if you were AU-minded and, well, a freak like me.

3. Fiona is, as anyone in Sentinel fandom knows, Garrett Maggart's half-sister. This becomes a bit snerkworthy when you think of certain stories where Blair turns into a big doe-eyed girl. (No, I mean those other stories where he *literally* turns into a big doe-eyed girl.)

I realized after I posted last night that it wasn't only the Friday-night slump responsible for the dearth of LJ posts--it's because half of the people on my Friends list are at Escapade. Sigh. So what I need now from the rest of you are amusing stories about snow and a few good Spike/Riley recs.


Edited to add links to Dave Barry's blog and the Live From Escapade blog, which is one post old but should grow over the next three days (I hope). Edited again to fix that link.

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