Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Farscape: Prayer

Cutting away for spoilers, though it's really just about the teaser, and those of you who've already heard me meep, there's nothing new here.

Okay. I just tuned in tonight randomly because I hadn't been watching in a while and thought I'd check out the teaser, even though I have reached that point where I'm utterly lost.

And oh. my. god. Oh my *god*. Oh my GOD. Like, one minute of television, and I had such a slashy little gasm that I thought I might levitate off the couch. I almost feel like I might have hallucinated. Usually I just imagine these nasty things in my head, and then wake up.

So, the scene: John is negotiating with Scorpius to rescue Aeryn, and they cut a deal. They're sort of slithering around each other in that way they do, up close and personal, and once Scorpius makes his decision, he takes John's hand and lifts it up. Holds it in his own. John just lets him, watching. Then Scorpius takes out his knife and he slices John's finger and he brings it slowly to his mouth and he sucks the blood out. For...a while. In, like, *no way* is this not explicit porn. He goes *down* on John's finger with all the deliberateness of a ten-dollar whore. So John sits there all sultry and submissive while bondage-guy sucks him off, and then Scorpius slices open his *own* finger--thumb?--and holds his hand up in the air in front of John, who's sitting down. And his blood begins to drip. And it's *white*, it's fucking *semen* colored. And when John capitulates to the ritual, he leans forward, gaze holding Scorpius's, and tilts his head and opens his mouth and lets several little come-like drops spatter across his tongue.

And then Scorpius takes his own black-leather-clad finger back and sucks it clean.

Holy fuck.

That needs to be saved by all slash fans everywhere to explain to non-slashers once and for all what the frelling fuck subtext is. Proof of its existence.

I need to go lie down now. And perhaps have a cigarette.

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