Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

bandwagon for charity

The writing-for-donations thing that's sprung up is amazing and cool. I thought, I could do that too, but had to think for a little while longer about my own fan-fiction/money issues. Someone I know described writing a story for someone who made a donation as like making a gift for a gesture, with the third party receiving any money remaining uninvolved, and that helped me decide to offer myself up. I'll be writing all stories wearing silk garters, pearls, and rouge.

Here's a list of charities accepting relief donations. I especially thumbs-up Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, or the Red Cross.

Standard donation exchange rate--500 words for $5, 1000 for $10, etc, up to $25 for 2500 words. Above that, if you want to give more, that's cool, but I can't promise to write more. Fandoms: anything you know I can write in, and I'll tell you if that's not the case. Ditto pairings. Stories as offshoots from my own stories also okay, and also any story ideas I might have spouted here but never written. Please have some second or third choices re kinks; I might turn down extremes. (Oh, and no Angel S5.) While I hope to write sooner than later, if you don't think you can wait a few weeks, or months--if it comes to that--um, I'm not sure what to say here; I was going to suggest shopping around for another writer, but that just sounds weird. So I'll leave it at that.

I'll update this post if I can't take any more requests. Stories will live on this page. (I'm trying to be tidy and organized from the outset. Madness.)

ETA: I'm not taking any more requests. Thanks!
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