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Late-afternoon LJ acclicktion is the worst. You keep checking for new posts, but everyone on the east coast is eating dinner, so you just dangle and twist on your string.

I was talking about Riley/Spike on a list yesterday. Asked if anyone had ever read any good R/S stories premised not on hate-fucking, but on an actual relationship, and perhaps with a little bit of sweetness thrown in. ::coughcuddlingcough:: Someone dug up one link, and the story looked promising at first, then it became bogged down in lengthy, self-indulgent, and sadly dull sex scenes, and also some master-minion dynamics that I just couldn't embrace. At least, not as they were written.

There was also, on list, a brief talk about the profile of the "average Spikefan." Is there one? And does liking Spike obligate a fan to dislike Riley? Nah. I *have* had my Riley issues, but only when canon took a big, sharp stick and poked me, which will tend to provoke a snarl. I think I still have a few grimaces left in me for the stupidity of "As You Were." Sorry, but Marc Blucas just didn't serve that material well. And vice versa. Still, my irritation may have waned--I suspect I could watch that now without throwing peanuts at the TV.

Riley was solid, wholesome, and kind of dull. He was also nice, dependable until he became a suck-junkie, and a bit of a sweetheart. A vanilla milkshake of a guy. At his worst, he came off as feeling helpless and unwanted when Buffy wouldn't lean her grief on him. Yeah, it was selfish, but it was also human and pretty easy to understand. He liked--loved?--a strong woman, and I think he dealt with that pretty well overall, which was admirable; but he also liked a slayer, and that caused some problems. Big surprise.

So anyway. I'm just saying. He'd be a good, steady boyfriend for the right vampire. Right?


Why must my fantasies always be such hard work? Sniff.


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