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27 December 2004 @ 09:54 am
I'm just spacing these out...  
In her Yuletide recs, kassrachel pointed out Perfectly Normal, a M*A*S*H story that is hilarious. Makes me remember why I was addicted to the show as a kid. And also The Supper Club, a Breakfast Club story that was...wow. Very cool. It extrapolated beautifully in a lot of ways and there were some sly in-jokes I liked. The story's skill almost entirely overcame the mental image I carry around with me of Judd Nelson's scary nostrils.

And I also wanted to burble words of love to astolat and tzikeh for all their work. It's pretty amazing. If I hadn't taken four freaking months to write my S/X challenge story earlier this year, I probably would have signed up this year. Maybe next year. I am always a late adopter. :>)
kassrachel on December 27th, 2004 06:03 pm (UTC)
Isn't "Perfectly Normal" terrific? I'm always a little bit awed by people who can write things that feel like episodes that way.

Hey, speaking of episodes? Guess what I got for Christmas -- Buffy S1 on dvd! Now I can finally watch the first season, oh, a zillion years after everybody else! *g* I'm really psyched, actually.