Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Some Yuletide recs

Some recs, almost all slash. Recs made by a sleepy person, eating peanut butter and half-watching MST3K.

Talk -- Chasing Amy
On the Threshold -- Chasing Amy
Reconciliation -- Firefly (Simon/Jayne)
Touch of Silk -- Firefly (Simon/Jayne)
Control -- Invisible Man
Fish and Game -- Invisible Man
Laughing All the Way -- Invisible Man
Two Heroes -- L.A. Confidential
Britishisms -- Stargate
Blood and Whiskey -- Tombstone
The Third Nail -- Ultraviolet


Wanted: One Hero, at Any Cost -- Spiderman II
Otis Redmund's Great Whopper -- Twin Peaks

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