Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the menu of small fandoms

Browsing through the Yuletide stories makes me remember that, along with primary fandoms like Buffy, I have interests I don't think much about until I see someone post a story, then I'm a ravenous tiger pouncing on rare game. And it's strange how selective my interests are--I look at the list and I'm like, "Oh, great book," and "Hey, one of my favorite movies!" But that doesn't necessarily mean I want to read any fan-fiction based on it. But then others make me squee.

My list of squeeful fringe fandoms seems to be: The Fugitive, Twin Peaks (Cooper/Truman), Firefly (Simon/Jayne), Invisible Man, L.A. Confidential, Chasing Amy, West Wing (Sam/Josh), Jurassic Park III, and Pirates of the Carribean (James/Jack). I know that actually those are not all small fandoms, but they're all peripheral to my main interests.

I wonder if that's an unusual list, relatively speaking. If someone made a little meme-program where everyone put in their fandom interests and then matching logic was run to see who was most compatible--that'd be cool. I'm sure I'd meet my future wife.

I feel like I should have more things to say on this day of days, but I don't of don't. I had a great time yesterday with friends, there's nothing on TV today, I'm eating chocolate turtles by the truckload, and I want to write but am playing TextTwist instead. I think that sums things up.

*curled cat-tongue yawn*

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