Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

hello, good night

Mmm. Whiskey and cheese.

Meme Redux is solely for the benefit of laurashapiro, who needs a little tummy rub right now. I couldn't really think of anything to apologize to my BtVS characters for in actual stories--Nazi uniforms? fancy dress balls? hot gay sex? what's not to love?--so I thought I'd apologize for all the abominations I inflict on them in the cramped, reeking rat-cage privacy of my head.

So, Spike. Er, yeah. You always start out tough, and then like a witch in a candy house, I shove you in my Easy-Bake Oven and you come over all soft and muffiny. I take enormous pleasure in making you cry--sorry, but you're just so pretty with those tear tracks on your face.

In brief, sorry about the:

  • gang-bang by sweaty Visigoths
  • trained dogs
  • constricting leather harness
  • magical collar
  • hallucinatory insanity
  • ball-gag
  • excessive nakedness and kneeling
  • erotic abuse to your dangly bits
  • oral rape
  • spangly harem pants
  • Victorian dresses
  • forced prostitution and drug addiction
  • career in male modeling
  • Fabio hair
  • intestinal parasite
  • years of mute, grumpy slavery
  • boot-licking
  • disco
  • eternity in hell

Also, that thing with your mother's head. And, well, so much more.

Still, Xander was a pretty good master most days, and Riley too.

Oh, and about the ritual mummification. Sorry, I didn't know he'd take it that far. I wish I could promise it won't happen again. Still, you're used to coffins, and it's not as if you've got any blood flow. What's the big deal?

Xander, I think the mummification was good for you. You needed to chill.

Riley, you're a newcomer here with no tenure to speak of, so you don't get any apologies, but you can have some advice: do as I say, not as I do. Be sweet to your vampire, and keep the fridge stocked with blood.

No more apologies after this.

And now... the comfy chair!

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