Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the old me

dovil came up with a meme, a greatest hits post where you list your 5 or 10 favorite posts of your own. ("It's a good way of people who've come along later to catch a glimpse of what you were like when you were young and sprightly, all those long months ago.") I thought it'd be cool to post links to old non-LJ blog posts that lots of people here might not have seen. The choices are actually kind of random.

~ The one with the strange Willow dream
~ X/S half-drabbles, from outtakes of Sidelines ("Confrontation" is Xander talking to Riley)
~ Xander and Spike 4-evah
~ Blather about early BtVS
~ Found poetry, and The Queer Buffyverse
~ Early noir musings
~ The one with the beggars

I'm not entirely sure I should introduce people to Anna, Circa 2002, because she witters on poetically and broods a lot, and uses possibly pretentious post titles, and also seems quite a bit snarkier, but oh well. That's still me, I guess, unless it's valid to say that you shed old personalities like skin cells. If so, I'll be someone else entirely in another four years.

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