Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

"Fans buy smelly socks worn by Ed Harris"

It's not that the AP Wire posts these things; it's that they post them deadpan. Truth is funnier than The Onion.
Dec. 14, 2004 | WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) -- Smelly socks worn by Ed Harris during the filming of "Empire Falls" were among the treasures snatched up by fans during a weekend sale of props and costumes from the HBO movie. ... "I've got Ed Harris' socks, and they smell, but I'm not washing them," said Bonnie Goodwin, pulling her loot out of a plastic bag. "I've got William Fichtner's shirt and Danielle Panabaker's earrings."
If anyone says anything about James Marster's sock, I'll swat you.
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