Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Philadelphia Story is on now. I used to assume I had to like it because it was a classic, but I really don't much. I've never liked "taming of the shrew" stories and this one's full of obnoxious old assumptions about men and women and marriage and character. Cary Grant's character is smug, and so is the character of Tracy's father. I hate the whole portrayal of her parents' marriage, and it brings out her worst as a character. Of course there were no doubt women then, maybe still now, who resemble Tracy Lord, and there are plenty of truths in the movie (and it's pretty), but it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I especially love (not) how Tracy's father blames his philandering on *her* because she's not a doting daughter who makes him feel young.

On the movie upside, I forgot to mention I saw the preview for Batman Begins. ::is speechless with wantwantwant:: ::and a little a-quiver too::

I went shopping, had chicken for dinner, and now I am making cookies for coworkers. And am doing laundry. An air of competence and baking sugar hangs over my apartment. I'm thinking of a luminous mood, like the mood in my icon. Just as a kind of someday-again goal.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were a fan-fiction channel on cable TV? And a slash channel. And a decent, commercial-free SciFi and horror channel that played all the best shows and movies.


So I surfed to another channel and watched the beginning of Lost in Translation for the nth time, and I realized something I hadn't before: early on, Bob and Charlotte are listening to the lounge singer, and glancing at each other across the room, and Bob's eyes keep flicking from Charlotte to the lounge singer, getting Charlotte to look in her direction, as if to say, get this chick, and at the end of the song he rolls his eyes and Charlotte grins. And *that's* a big part of why she's pissed later when she finds out he's slept with the singer, I think--not just because it's a cheap infidelity probably committed so that Bob can feel young, but because Bob had built a rapport with Charlotte on a shared mockery. And then he slept with the person they were mocking, and that broke the rules in a sense. It made what he'd done even worse, because he didn't respect the woman. With all this taken together, Charlotte's afraid he's not the man she thought he was. And they didn't say any of this as text; it was all subtly and silently conveyed. Very cool.
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