Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

oh yeah, subject line.

I've been stressed. I've been kind of down. It's true that anger turned on yourself becomes depression. Tonight I'm compensating by eating chocolate and watching Mean Girls, among other things. Actually, for the first time in a while I wanted to watch Smallville, but it turned out to be reruns. Now I'm watching Van Helsing. Because I feel the need to punish myself. It's been on for two minutes and already the cheese is so thick I can no... longer.. move... my legs...

I will try to report back on this if I survive.

I come bearing Firefly recs. Story one is gen, story two mostly gen, only a smidge of slash, but I'd recommend it even to readers who don't normally read slash, because like the first story, it's great Jayne pain all around, and absolutely incredible voices, especially for Mal and Jayne.

  • Salvage Mission by inlovewithnight
  • Reclamation, the sequel

    Meanwhile, back to movies. I saw Kinsey on Sunday with friends and liked it quite a lot. I never would have watched it by myself and went expecting nothing, but it turned out to be fascinating--startling me over and over. And even though when I think "biopics" I think "boring" it was the basis of truth that made its twists gripping. This guy was definitely worth making a movie about.

    Meanwhile. Bad CGI is the work of Satan.

    (The priest with the bad heavy accent just said, "We are the last defense against evil," but I thought he said, "We are the last defense against stupid."

    Anna, speaking sadly, and like Antonio Banderas: "I am sorry. That is a claim you cannot make, my friend.")
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