Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

random thoughts

~ The best thing about Dawn of the Dead (2004) was Jake Weber, who plays Michael, the ultra-competent hero guy that Ana falls for. (Competent = so fucking hot.) My TV is randomly tuned to Sci-Fi right now and when I walked into the living room I discovered that he was also in The Cell.

~ In another casting coincidence, I saw Robin Dunne for the first time playing Tripp in Dead Like Me this weekend, and after watching all of season 2, turned randomly to Sci-Fi and saw him again in Species III. It's weird how shit like that happens.

~ Eric McCormack, the guy who plays Will in Will & Grace, also did a guest stint in Dead Like Me, playing a very straight and very mean love interest for Daisy. He was pretty fucking amazing.

~ I loved Mason's arc in season two--he just got skankier and more pathetic as time went on, but he also got more endearing, the way he fell so hard for Daisy (and in such a subtle way, under all his clowning, that I felt a kind of awe when I realized how bad he had it) and got so wrought up over her thing with Ray. And his rift with Kiffany in "Always" killed me. Callum Blue is so gorgeous that I was annoyed for a long time at the skeeviness of his character; I wanted him to be different. More Hugh Grantish, and not so much a guy who probably doesn't wash his jeans more than once a month. But God, watching all of S2 in one rush, I really fell for him. Not in a "gosh he's hot, who can I pair him with?" kind of way, but with that admiration you feel when a character is well written and the actor just nails it, when he's so deep in the character's skin that you forget you're watching an actor at all.

~ That reminds me, I really need to do some laundry.

~ The Cell is a fucked-up movie. So is Dawn of the Dead. Also, the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre is free on cable, and I find I'm not able to rewatch it. It's just too depressing.

~ basingstoke wrote Invisible Man fic! IM fans should read it. Well-done IM fic is rare.

~ If I could write at all right now, I'd probably write that Mafia!Xander story. Or Spike/Lorne. Hmmph. Stupid not-writingness.

~ It's lazy of me not to connect these thoughts with even a pretense of association, but...yeah. I went to IHOP this morning for the first time in a long time and it kind of sucked. Now I have IHOP residue on my tongue. I should go have coffee, I think.

~ No, I should do laundry.

~ No, I should have coffee.

~ Laundry!

~ Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!

~ Or maybe I'll go play Text Twist, since some people cruelly exposed me to their terrifyingly addictive pastime.

~ witling wrote more vampy boy adventures and made me achey with the angst. But I know she'll make it all better soon, with band-aids and tender manly sex. Or else. *cracks knuckles like a Mafioso*

I spent 33 minutes writing this post. I so very need a life.
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