Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the good, the bad, and the puppy

My coworkers gave me a Target puppy! (Like this, but with no antlers. He definitely does *not* look like this. That's just disturbing, yo.) I have always wanted one. *sniff*

The puppy is the good. Also good is that I'm applying for a new editorial position and am very excited by the coolness of the job. Unrelatedly--except by the tenuous connection of work--thanks for all the replies to my cs complaint post. Those will be very helpful!

The badness: I am tired and hormonal and edgy, and I have a weird blend of "American Pie" and "The Saga Begins" kudzuing up my brain makeitstopstopstop. Plus I can't try a new prescription until at least next Monday, as that's the first time the new doctor-specialist-guy can see me. And I'm tired and hormonal and edgy.

If people maybe wanted to rec Alias stories today, that'd be lifesaving cool. I eye you all hopefully. Meanwhile I send everyone, everyone of a sympathetic slash persuasion, to read ladycat777's new S/X story, which made me happy.

I am gripping the happy in my fist and kicking away everything else.

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