Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I will go down with this ship. Possibly like a rat.

Meme picked up like an interesting germ from rahirah. These were just off the top of my head. I'm always ready to dive in and go with the flow for a good story, regardless of the pairing. Except for how I really only read about three pairings. But that's more about my reading habits and life than about the stories.

1. Willow/Angel(us) - * There's no there there.
2. Willow/Xander - *** Only in canon. I feel I should give at least 3 stars to canon.
3. Willow/Spike - ** ½ Mostly in theory.
4. Willow/Spike/Angel(us)
5. Willow/Tara - *** Vanilla. Often, too vanilla.
6. Willow/Oz - **** Deep and lasting cuteness.
7. Willow/Giles - ** Eh.
8. Willow/Kennedy - * I seriously can't care.
9. Spike/Xander - ***** Yeah.
10. Spike/Angel(us) - ** Like, rahirah, a lot of S/A is writen to the tune of kinks I don't share. Paternalism creeps me out, and Angel is at his most condescending and smarmy and superior with Spike. In bad fan-fiction. And sometimes in good fan-fiction. And the show. I'm kind of feeling like I should write this ship, though, and write myself into love with it.
11. Spike/Buffy - **** A year or two ago, five stars. Still right up there, fixed in the firmament, but I think that fifth star fell to earth in S7. S6 was the Spuffy peak. And on the other side of the peak was a lot of ice and wind and an ass-slide down five thousand feet into bathos.
12. Spike/Tara - ** I've read good stuff, but what have you done for me lately?
13. Spike/Dawn - ** The two stars in this case only mean that I prefer Spike in big-brotherly protective mode, not lust mode.
14. Buffy/Angel(us) - ** ½ Half for canon, the missing half for fan-fiction. Two and a half for the S2 arc of fabulousness, minus two and a half for the mushy rest of it.
15. Willow/Cordelia - * Whatever.
16. Angel(us)/Xander - * Rarely.
17. Spike/Drusilla - ** I wish I could understand the hundred-year torch he carried.
18. Spike/Harmony - ** Tonight I have few thoughts about this.
19. Wesley/Lilah - *** ½ Good stuff.
20. Faith/Lilah - * Without Wes, Lilah is a great character, but not a great romantic character.
21. Angel/Illyria - N/A Can't comment. Haven't watched her eps.
22. Buffy/Faith - ** There's an onscreen chemistry, and they make great vids together, but when my mind adds sex, it ends up with CAGED HEAT! Not my thing. I'm really not a big femmeslash slasher.
23. Faith/Wesley - ** Plus, I know this is a failing, but I just don't find Faith interesting.
24. Buffy/Wesley - * I don't think I've ever read a B/Wes story.
25. Angel/Faith - ** See above.
26. Cordelia/Lilah - * Not.
27. Lindsey/Buffy
28. Spike/Illyria - N/A See above.
29. Spike/Fred - * Wrong. Bad and wrong.
30. Snape/Hermione
31. Angel/Cordelia - *** Sweet but boring.
32. Angel/Darla - ** It just doesn't zing me.
33. Xander/Cordelia - ** ½ The show writers deserve an A for effort but lose points for sheer incredulity.
34. Spike/Dracula
35. Xander/Anya - *** ½ Fun, though sometimes in an effortful way.
36. Spike/Anya - ** I'm not persuaded.
37. Spike/Faith - ** I know I'm twisted, but I'd rather read Spike/Lorne.
38. Wes/Fred - *** If only because it added another layer to Wes's dark stubbly angst.
39. Spike/Darla - * No.
40. Xander/Buffy - ** Not really.
41. Xander/Riley - ** Man crush! If I squint at the right moments in canon, I sometimes think Xander liked Riley in that manly way of men. But that's about all.
42. Cordelia/Doyle - * Dusty.
43. Spike/Angel/Buffy - * Not my threesome.
44. Cordelia/Conner- * Tragically wrong.
45. Gunn/Fred - ** I quote rahirah: "Dull, but not actively offensive."
46. Giles/Anya - ** I think I just need to read some good stories. I haven't gone looking and they haven't found me. They were cute for one episode, but that's all I see so far.
47. Angel/Wesley - ** I don't want to harsh anyone's buzz. It's just an uphill climb for me.
48. Spike/Giles - *** Occasionally wonderful.

My additions:

49. Spike/Riley - *** In my head it makes sense. Sometimes.
50. Wes/Xander/Spike - *** ½ Er. See last comment.
51. Wes/Gunn - *** ½ Why isn't there more of this?
52. Spike/Lorne - *** Face it. I am evil.
53. Spike/Wes - *** ½ No problem. Really, I only take points off for the unfortunate lack of support given by canon. Bad canon. No biscuit.
54. Angel/Connor - ** Two stars for yes, three for no freaking way.
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