Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

first lines meme. and lines. and lines.

First lines meme. Except I'm doing first paragraphs. Because they say more. These are in reverse fandom order, but not reverse chronological on the story level: Buffy, Stargate, Sentinel, and X-Files. It's interesting to me to see how terse the first bits of most of the Stargate stories are compared to the others, particularly since (a) it was my shortest-lived fandom, and (b) the stories are often from Jack's POV, and he's often a man of few words. But I didn't notice this at the time. The diction changes, too, from fandom to fandom. I'm not overly fond of the old XF stuff. I notice that my writing has relaxed since then, but other than that it's hard for me to tell which changes are due to time and craft, and which are related to the flavor of a particular fandom.


I've starred my own favorite first lines, which aren't necessarily my favorite stories. All of this, by the way, because it kills time on a Sunday night. If you see odd fontiness, it's because I did this in the rich-text mode, to preserve italics.


Lots of words.Collapse )

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