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I'm still so hungry. And, okay, usually this is a problem I know how to deal with. I figure out what I want to eat and eat it. Stunningly simple. No advice columnists needed. But this past week, I have been freakishly hungry. Tapeworm hungry. Sudden sprints to McDonalds hungry. As I am tonight. And I just ran through everything I could think of in my head, from the healthy--mixed greens, baked chicken, oatmeal--to the less so--cheesecake, ice cream, pizza--and my body seems to be telling me to eat potato chips with sour-cream and onion dip.

Why would my body be telling me this, I have to ask. Can anyone tell me? I like to give my body what it wants, because usually it has good reasons for asking, so when a few weeks ago it said "Hagan Dazs" I said, okay. And when it says, "Banana!" I say, no problem. But chips and dip, man. It feels so wrong. What lack is evidenced in this craving? Salt? Vitamin K? B6? I'm not especially craving kale, though.

Maybe I'm mishearing things. Maybe it didn't say "chips" but "lips." Except, no.


ETA: 2 eggs, bread, tomato, still hungry, and then I glanced at the literature that accompanied my new prescription and noticed that a potential side-effect was "increased appetite." Sigh. It's better than spastic muscles, okay, but still.

You are all gazelles to me now. Prey to my SAVAGE HUNGER!

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