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My flist is being adorable tonight--funny posts and cute rants and hilarious icons. Purr.

The things I ate today: a bran muffin, half a ham sandwich, a small bag of organicky potato chips, almonds, a plum, yogurt, a soup of asparagus and crab-meat and oyster mushrooms, grilled green beans, half a pork sandwich, and two oatmeal chocolate-chip peanut butter cookies. AND I'M STILL GODDAMN HUNGRY! Jesus Christ.

And I try to run at the gym and become strangled in tight shirt collars and headphone cords. Need new gym clothes. Note.

Have been having fantasies of Wes-Spike-Xander, in a weird and not at all plausible follow-up to Involuntary Bodies.

I had something else I was going to say but I've forgotten it. Some days I feel like my brain is one of those old Lite Brite easels and most of the lit pegs have gone missing, leaving me in a mysterious darkness.

Yes. Yes, I'm at a loss. And in closing:

"He was a well-built man, wide-shouldered, but he felt within himself the presence of his own femininity, sometimes contained in a chickadee's egg, the size of a pale blue or pink sugared almond, but sometimes brimming over to flood his entire body with its milk." -- Jean Genet, Querelle

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