Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

list of the day

I'm grumpy tonight--money issues, annoying cab driver, a persistent unreasonable cough that cut my work-out short and which better not be a chest cold, and really, just moodiness in the shade of blue. I must remember that there were good and interesting and funny things today and other days.
  • that "fug" site
  • Bloody Hell!
  • Jon Stewart's vid promo for America: The Book
  • Friends. Nice people. To flist and be flisted, and I think that "l" is kind of important here, and what I really meant, actually, was my flist and the...flist of me? I don't know, but you know what I mean. You guys out there.
  • Newly (re)discovered music. "The Metre" - Powderfinger, "Hooded Kiss" - Ben Christophers, "The Trouble with Love Is" dance mixes - Kelly Clarkson, "Winter" - K's Choice, "Mamma Mia" - A* Teens, "Whisper to a Scream" - Soho, and Joss Stone and the Holly Cole Trio and Joni Mitchell, and the Barenaked ladies, who I really fear should stay off of the Fox network
  • ginger cookies
  • peanut butter
  • Alias season 3 on DVD and my couch
  • the word "weasels"
  • mystery writers--Margaret Yorke, Peter Robinson, Ruth Rendell, et al
  • this book review
  • Muriel's Wedding
  • HoYay!
  • TherapyYay!
  • dreams
  • discovering that there are still fandoms to discover, like Odyssey 5
  • a McDonalds cheeseburger and fries when the craving hits like a Mack truck
  • running as fast as I can

Must commune with the couch now.

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