Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Thank god it's friday night, oh yes yes yes. (What else?)

I am lying on the couch. I have renamed myself Supine. People will think it's French. I'm watching Odyssey 5, thanks to par_avion, who alerted me that it'd be available. I'm on the third ep now--the second after the pilot, that is. This show is really, really, *really* good. It's too bad that On Demand doesn't have a DVD-style option to "play all" because then I could just sent the VCR to record overnight or something. I do need to tape this. God knows when if ever it'll come out on DVD, and I may need to pimp it.

I slept badly last night, took a half-day at work, and had a few slices of pizza for dinner. I think I may make popcorn. No gym tonight. Must catch up on rest. Last night the myoclonic jerks reappeared. (Doesn't that sound like they just showed up at my door asking for church donations?) I hoped it was an aberration but when I was trying to nap earlier this afternoon, they jerked me back from the brink every time I was just dozing off. Bah. Bah, I say. Baaaaa.

Am kind of sleepy. Dopey. Breezy. And Thumper.

I really don't think I have those dwarves right.

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