Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


coffeeandink makes me happy this morning by sharing a copy of "Go to the Water" by Jamie Oakes with me.

I wish I had an easy way to share music with all readers. Unfortunately, I have a tiny quota on my drizzle pages--15mb--and 5mb of that is extra space that I pay for every quarter. I chose drizzle for its principles, not its price, but it's still pretty sad. I also have dial-up though, so it's kind of moot.

I have this song looping right now and every time it starts I feel a frisson of Brian-y melancholy. "Two hundred hours...and next month will be the same. Time is a line on your face. Time is life slipping away..."

Gale Harold playing Brian is a work of art. There are times when the expression on his face is like an existential mirror. Torn, empty, and lost.

Every day at work, I'm finding it difficult to concentrate. This is no great surprise. But it tires me.

Across the street, there is an astonishing sight of maintenance people mopping the great white curved roof of the stadium, roped to stanchions in case they should fall.

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