Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Help me, Obi One LiveJournal, you're my only [insert pervy word here]!

Song questions--tonight I heard two amazing songs in cafes, at different times. For the first, I asked the counter girl if she had a way to let me know the artist & she checked it for me. She said it was the Barenaked Ladies. I scribbled a few words of a lyric down that I was pretty sure I'd heard correctly ("you never really know") and figured I'd be able to google it later. But I can't find it. It was a gorgeous song, completely atypical of them. I mean, I like their regular style well enough, for the most part, but this was almost haunting. Does this ring a bell? This is "The Flag"--thank you elz!

Later, I heard an incredible cover of "Some Kind of Wonderful" by a female vocalist, an R&B version that really tweaked the melody so that I didn't even recognize it at first. I checked a few entries in iTunes but haven't found the right one. Found this--it's by Joss Stone.

::does rain dance to the music gods::
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