Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

and then I wake up and go to work.

I dreamed the other night that I was a black man whose son needed new glasses. It was an angsty sort of dream. I was poor and it was some indeterminate time, like the mid-fifties, where prejudice was rampant. I went to the optometrist's and tried to see the doctor, but the receptionists put me off. I flew into a righteous rage in the waiting room and unnerved all the white patients into a timid trembling mass--but I was still very polite and respectful--then I barged into the back to see the doctor for help. I forget what happened after that.

Last night I dreamed that I was a cop. I was with a bunch of other cops who'd unknowingly taken a drug that exacerbated their violent tendencies. We were questioning some youths about a minor theft, and one of my friends through the kid off a balcony and into the open trunk of a car below. I gave them an angry look, then left them and went to help the kid, who'd broken his leg. I carried him inside the car, and got in with his friends. I wanted them to go to a hospital, but it was closed. So I said they should take him to his mother's, because you can always find a doctor in those close-knit sort of neighborhoods. I wanted to pay so we had to find a cash machine, which involved a long twisty drive downhill through the town. It was incredibly cool: row after row of old-fashioned houses and tiny blocks, heading toward a huge, abrupt valley/gorge. I'll spare you the details about trying to get cash from the cash machine.

Then there was the dream about the ghost train, and the decrepit tourist park where you could find the most amazing collectibles for almost nothing--gorgeous vintage dresses, stuffed toys--and the puzzling Star Trek dream where people were cloned and turned evil, including Buffy, and the dream where I paid to take a shower in a public store that turned out to be someone's house, and the creepy people who were hanging out when I exited from the weirdest and most annoying shower stall ever, and how they wouldn't give me my five dollars in change.

Strange dreams lately.

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