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Anna S.

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counting down the days

Wanted to say thank you again for those song recs--they were really useful in helping me make a fresher compilation cd for working out. A few people recommended that funky Indian rap song, which is amusing me greatly. *g*

Hung out with oblique_ref tonight, had a good time. Many cool stories. I like flinging myself into the water and riding the social wave much more than I used to.

Earlier, I went and had a facial, on the recommendation of someone I know--amazingly great experience; this woman was incredibly thorough. I must go back again. I wish I could pamper myself like that every week. It was the first facial I'd ever really had. There should be places on every block where you can just walk in and get one as a social service. Along with a pedicure and a full-body massage. I think this would cut down on crime.

I'm now watching The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra for, like, the third time. It keeps cracking me up. Some days I'm easily pleased.

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