Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I am bored.

Boredy bored bored. When bored, spam people, that's what my mother always said. I'm so bored I just saw a dull pencil and thought: hey, I could sharpen that! Dear god save me.

Today I went to the Seattle Aquarium for the first time. I touched sea slugs and watched cavorting sea otters and seals. The otters were adorable, all sleek and furry, wet-furry, and just getting a kick out of themselves. I'd like to be a sea otter for a day. Maybe a month.

In the gym today I saw a woman wearing pink flip-flops and talking on a cell phone while she worked out--and she wasn't actually working out as such, she was just sort of hanging out on an elliptical machine, lazily shifting her weight on the pedals. I kind of wanted to bitch-slap her. We're not talking about someone who needed to take it easy working out; she was just lame-ass and baffling. Why go to the gym if you're not going to make any effort at all? Meanwhile I was doing squats and feeling rather nauseous. My trainer: "Now remember, we talked about this--it's probably just the toxins leaving your system. It's worth it to work through it!" She's awesome, but. Yes. But. I managed not to yak on the mats and staggered out of there after the session to go have lunch.

Sea otters. Pretty.

I don't really have anything I want to do with myself tonight. For some reason I got myself really caffeinated today and I'm kind of jittery. Well, I know why, because I needed some energy to keep me going. I'm usually decaf these days, but I wanted some extra perk. And it helped, but now I'm like a little edgy wind-up toy, a little dog zzz-zzz-zizzing across a table. I've been sleeping kind of badly; I still have those muscle jerks sometimes and that throws me out of whack. I hope it's cleared up by the time I'm back at work.

Now I'm a dog zizzing around in circles. Does anyone have any recs?

::chews nails::
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