Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.
eliade I am.

Well, I have caved to trends and forces beyond my control and have gotten a live journal. This is a test entry, my first.

Have just been watching Due South, the episode where Fraser joins the senior citizens' neighborhood watch, after inspiring them with his great Inuit story about the woman giving birth in a blinding snowstorm. I love that speech. That, and "Dief's in Love" are the last two tracks on the first Due South soundtrack. I could listen to those two tracks over and over again--an inspired wedding of material, in which the end of Fraser's speech segues into the haunting theme from "Diefenbaker's Day Off," lifted from that last scene when Dief runs through the snow and Fraser stands with rifle steadied, preparing himself to kill his best friend in the world. I don't think the music would have the same resonance if you heard it without having the associated emotions of that scene imprinted in your head.

But a lot of things have been moving me to tears lately, which is rather notable, because I am not at all depressed right now. Various songvids from my Vividcon tape have set me off: Shalott's "Solsbury Hill" vid (SG), Remi d'Brebant's amazing Sentinel vid to "Possession," and unexpectedly, T4's Xena vid to "Hero," which has ripped me up all four times I've watched it. I got teared up reading the new installments of a certain X/S series, "Sweet Revenge." And there've been myriad other things.

Read some great Sentinel stories tonight--Grit Kitty's Stop Whispering and Cara Chapel's Quarry.

Have managed a bit more of my own Buffy story, too. It's grinding along slowly.

Hmm. Okay, let's see how this comes out....
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