Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

in sickness and in health

My momentum has hiccuped. I think I've been pushing myself a bit too hard; I woke up Tuesday morning with a sore throat and summer cold and have been sleeping and snarfling ever since. Finally today I dragged myself out and bought something called ZipFizz. Or is it PopFizz? Some tube of vitamin-y goodness with the equivalent of a B12 shot and a buttload of vitamin C. Am already feeling a bit perkier, though that may just be an initial placebo pop.

Just now picked up the copy of Poets & Writers I bought a few weeks ago and re-read this funny thing about reader comments that workshop writers, teachers, poets, et al, will probably appreciate, not to mention fan-fiction writers and readers, come to think. There's a fan-fiction version just waiting to be written.

What a writer says What a writer means
"I loved the language." "English was a good choice."
"This is very ambitious writing." "You really aren't good enough to pull this off."
"The prose is very clear and concise." "You wouldn't know a metaphor if it bit you on the ass."
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this." "It made me feel much better about my own writing."
"This is very unusual and original work." "You frighten me a little."
"This story shares similar themes with your other work." "Please stop writing about your relationship with your father."
"It's very confident writing." "You're completely deluded, aren't you?"
"This needs to be pushed further." "Like off your desk and into the trash."
"I don't like the title." "I didn't actually read your story."
"I love the title." "I didn't actually read your story."
"This is very polished." "Plagiarizing again?"
"There's not enough at stake here." "But I'd sure like to burn your story on one."
"This is the best thing I've ever read." "Will you sleep with me?"
"This is brilliant." "Please?"

--Jane Roper

That was my effort at gregariousness for the day. Now I will try to write for a while and later will stand in front of my bathroom mirror frowning and shaking a finger at myself with a reproving reminder to answer LJ comments.

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