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A man with chronic hairballs lives near my apartment building. I discovered this when I began my current experiment to stop running my floor fan as a source of constant white noise. He isn't plagued much during the day that I'm aware of, but after midnight you can hear his extravagant brakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! carrying across the rooftops of the greater Seattle area. It's a gut-twisting sound. Someday if my mood declines again I may find and hurt this man.

In order today, I ate a waffle with blueberries, I worked out, I bought a swimsuit, I re-read several pages of Pale Fire, I wrote, I made pasta with salsa cruda, I closed my window, something something something, lost my temporary crown, damn.

Dear god, can someone please cut this man's throat? And that's me in a good mood. How can a grown man have hairballs every night? Why is he licking his cat? Maybe I will turn on the fan after all....

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